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Petra Paving, Inc. is a family run business that began in 1983. The family resides in the local community that it services. The family has a passion for providing the best quality workmanship and treating their customers with the utmost respect.

Chris Tammany, Owner & President

Chris started in the pavement maintenance industry in 1989. He ran a small sealcoating and cracksealing business for four years. During this time, he established a relationship with the previous owner of Petra. In February 1993, Chris bought Petra Paving, Inc. At that time, Chris and three other crew members began to do residential driveways. From the time he bought Petra, Chris has always been an owner operator. Even to this day, Chris is actively involved in the daily running of the business. With each season, Chris continues his campaign to strengthen the integrity of the paving industry. He has made it a personal mission to make sure the customers we come in contact with are educated about proper paving applications.

Chris also does the estimates for all divisions of Petra. Chris is a great resource for paving options because of his experience on the crew. Chris assisted in creating a presentation packet for our estimates. This packet includes frequently asked questions, references, and a clearly written estimate with a drawing.

Chris has been attending the National Pavement Expo since 1999. At the Expo, Chris has taken many courses in business management, crew leadership, and new industry applications. At the Expo, Chris is very involved with his peers at the roundtable discussions about the paving and sealcoating industries.

In 2009, Chris was elected to Pavement Magazine’s Advisory Board. The Pavement Advisory Board members function as a sounding board and informal consultant to Pavement magazine and the industry's two trade shows, National Pavement Expo East and National Pavement Expo West.

In March 2010, Chris wrote and published an article for Pavement Magazine entitled “Petra Paving’s Inc. Tips for Applying What You Learned at the National Pavement Expo”.

Chris is also an actively involved member of his church, Rock Church Ministries and enjoys the outdoors.

Linda Alfonsi, Operations Manager

Linda started with Petra Paving, Inc. in April 2003. Linda is responsible for the day to day operations in the office which includes the bookkeeping, scheduling of all work, liaison to tax accountant, customer service, employee benefits, communication with subcontractors and accounts receivable collections. Since joining Petra, Linda has initiated many new procedures and policies that have helped to streamline the office operations. Linda has a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and a Master’s Degree in Accounting.

Linda has been attending the National Pavement Expo East since 2004 taking courses in business management, employee benefits and incentives, and industry applications. Linda is in constant communication with industry peers and suppliers on the east coast. Linda takes great pride in running an efficient office and works very hard to make sure our customers know they are the first priority.

Bryan Tammany, Paver Operator & Estimator

Bryan has extensive knowledge of the industry due to the fact that he grew up around paving. Bryan has been participating at Petra since he was in high school. As a crew member during school summer vacations, Bryan learned the many facets of the paving operation.

Due to his early training, Bryan has had many diverse responsibilities at Petra. In January 2008, Bryan began his fulltime career with Petra as the Sealcoating Foreman. His great work ethic and professional attitude made him a natural fit. In 2011, Bryan became one of our estimators for both sealcoating and paving work. Bryan‘s estimates are very detailed and this gives our customers a great sense of comfort about the job to be performed. In 2013, his dad revamped the company crew structure and Bryan can now be found running the other side of the paver. In addition, Bryan, when needed, offers his assistance on the prep crew as well.

Bryan is very involved with his church community, Next Level Church in Somersworth, NH. Bryan’s other talents include the bass guitar and auto/truck repair.

Steve Hale, Preparation Foreman

Steve started with Petra Paving, Inc. in January 2000. Steve is responsible for preparation of all our paving work. Steve has amazing surgeon-like skills when operating the necessary equipment. He has an innate ability to read the lay of the land. Steve runs his crew and the equipment like an owner operator.

Steven Hale Jr., Sealcoating Foreman

Steven began as a part time employee working for Petra during his school summer vacations. In August 2008, we were very pleased to have Steven join the team fulltime. Petra is very fortunate since Steven’s previous experience with the company gave him an extensive background in all aspects of paving and paving maintenance making his transition to fulltime quite smooth. Currently, Steven supervises the crew that sealcoats and crackfills all of our residential and commercial work. Steven is a conscientious and meticulous employee. His attention to detail and ability to run the jobs efficiently is a great asset to Petra. Steven’s work ethic ensures that all work is performed to Petra standards.

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