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The first thing a customer sees when visiting your business is the parking lot. Dodging bumps and potholes is not a good first impression. Luckily, Petra Paving provides superior parking lot installation services. Commercial paving must withstand heavy amounts of traffic. As a premier New Hampshire paving company we have over 30 years of experience, and we know how to build a parking lot that will stand up to the job! We can also accommodate your sidewalk, curbing and line striping needs.


Resurfacing & Overlays

If your parking lot pavement is still in relatively decent condition, we recommend an overlay. This application levels out the uneven areas and overlays the entire parking lot. The thickness for parking lots vary from a minimum of one inch to a maximum of two inches.

binder coat

Two Inch Binder Coat

This paving application is recommended for properties that are still in the new construction phase. It is a two inch layer of coarse binder asphalt which will require a finish coat at a later date.


Two Coat Application

A two coat application is a finished parking lot consisting of a layer of binder and a finish coat. Pavement thicknesses may vary based on the intended use of the parking lot. This application is recommended for commercial parking lots due to its ability to withstand high amounts of traffic.


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