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Petra Paving offers sealcoating for residential driveways. Properly sealcoating your driveway will extend the life of the asphalt. If asphalt is left untreated, it will begin to deteriorate. Our sealcoating product will protect against water and sun damage - these are two of the biggest factors that can break down your driveway. Our product will also protect against petroleum based products that can eat away at the asphalt. Sealcoating is an excellent preventive maintenance step as well as a cost effective method to help protect your investment. Sealcoating can also provide some curb appeal if you are looking to sell your home soon. Book now and get back that attractive black color on your driveway!

Residential Sealcoating Application

All of our residential sealcoating jobs are applied by hand with a brush. Applying the sealer with a brush ensures you that there will be no overspray on your grass, walls, walkways or garage doors.


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