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Chris Tammany started in the pavement maintenance industry in 1989. He ran a small sealcoating and cracksealing business for four years. During this time, he established a relationship with the previous owner of Petra. In February 1993, Chris bought the company. At that time, Chris and three other crew members began to pave residential driveways. Chris was running the office from his home in Sandown, NH. Each year Chris continued to build Petra’s reputation. With every successful year, Petra acquired equipment and crew members.

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Parking Lot Paving In NH

The first thing a customer sees when visiting your business is the parking lot. Dodging bumps and potholes is not a good first impression. Luckily, Petra Paving provides superior parking lot installation services. Commercial paving must withstand heavy amounts of traffic. As premier New Hampshire's premier paving company we have over 30 years of experience and we know how to build a parking lot that will stand up to the test of time! We can also accommodate your sidewalk, curbing and line striping needs.

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Driveway Paving In NH & Mass

One of the many services Petra Paving offers is residential driveway paving. We will take care of your driveway paving needs while being mindful of your property and your neighbors. Petra Paving is a leader in the paving industry and we take pride in our ability to create a beautiful new driveway for your home. As a full service paving company, we will evaluate your specific driveway needs.

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Driveway & Parking Lot Patching In NH

Asphalt, just like everything else in your home, needs to be maintained. Cracks can develop in your driveway, allowing water to get under the asphalt. If any water gets under the asphalt it will freeze with our severe New England winter temperatures and heave. These heaves will result in cracking or possible destruction of your driveway.

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Drvieway & Parking Lot Sealcoating In NH

Petra Paving offers sealcoating for residential driveways. Properly sealcoating your driveway will extend the life of the asphalt. If asphalt is left untreated, it will begin to deteriorate. Our sealcoating product will protect against water and sun damage - these are two of the biggest factors that can break down your driveway.

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