driveway repairs and patching in nh and mass

Driveway Repair and Patching in NH and Mass

Asphalt, just like everything else in your home, needs to be maintained. Cracks can develop in your driveway, allowing water to get under the asphalt. If any water gets under the asphalt it will freeze with our severe New England winter temperatures and heave. These heaves will result in cracking or possible destruction of your driveway. Patching is considered “preventive maintenance” and will save you money in the long run! Patching will stop any further deterioration of your driveway and help increase its longevity. Even small holes can cause BIG damage…so don’t wait until it gets too late and more expensive.

Residential Patching Applications

Petra Paving offers a free evaluation of your driveway for patch repair. Based on our evaluation, we will suggest what repairs best fits your needs.

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